Remember to stand up, even on Windows

There are many simple and beautiful apps to remind you to stand up on Mac, but none on Windows. That's why I made OutStanding - it's a simple, beautiful web app to remind you to stand up; I could never make standing a habit by myself, and as a Windows user I felt left out. This is also my first product ever!

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Congrats on the launch! πŸ™Œ Any plans to make it a native desktop app?
@aaronoleary Sure, nice excuse to explore Electron! Will take a few weeks tho. But there are a few things to improve as well πŸ‘Š
Great job, two things that I like 1) The visual progress bar 2) Ability to set the break interval
Cool idea. Would consider helping out with a donation if a desktop app were to launch ;)
@digoamaye wow, didn't know there's this much demand. In the works then!