Outfunnel is a marketing automation tool that helps you drive revenue. Make your sales and marketing work together through automated email campaigns, web tracking insights and ridiculously deep CRM integrations.
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Why would anyone (sane) build yet another marketing automation tool? There are dozens of really good marketing tools, but they are difficult to connect to your sales stack. There are also many monolithic tools that do “everything” but they’re increasingly hard to use, and come with a hefty price tag. As a result, SMBs struggle to get sales and marketing working together. So we built Outfunnel, the marketing tool that drives revenue in at least three ways. First, our secret sauce: ridiculously deep integrations with CRMs (Pipedrive and Copper, Hubspot CRM coming soon). Access all your CRM contacts, tags and custom fields. Sync email and web events back to the sales tool. Second, our email automation features are designed to be used where sales and marketing need to work together. So you can: * Get web and email engagement based lead scoring synced to your CRM * Use contact owner from the CRM as sender of the email * Track replies in addition to opens and clicks * See revenue metrics in addition to usual campaign stats Third, Outfunnel unifies web, email and CRM data to provide useful insights. For example, you can see which traffic sources convert best for your business. Over to you, Producthunt community. Keen to hear your questions, feedback and suggestions!
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Awesome piece of software. Heard great things about it from customer #1! (Edit: changed comment to English)
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@martin_koiva1 underrated comment right here! :D
Building a great product is hard however doable with deep work. But what really separates Outfunnel in my opinion is the level of support and engagement you get from the founding team. This is not trivial and the exact reason why these guys (and everyone at Outfunnel) deserves all the credit. Kudos!
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@asaf_matyas thatnk you for the kind words and being a customer of Outfunnel💪
Looks like just what the doctor ordered. Hubspot integration is def welcome, my personal wishlist would be a native CDP integration (e.g. hull.io) to avoid data silos.
@peeplaja Good point. We're definitely be adding more data sources, but we've seen that for many small businesses / startups even having sales and web/email data in one place is a huge win.
Outfunnel is super promising. Having worked in Estonia for 8 years I can say @andruspurde is the real deal. A genuine no bs marketer and also hates spam. Here's to him & the team building a tool that'll help marketers with timing and messaging instead of filling our inboxes with irrelevancy.
@hyunlee Thank you, Hyun! Indeed, cutting back on unwanted irrelevant messages (ie. spam) is one of our not-so-secret missions.