An app to keep track of all your subscriptions

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@kirkbyo_ interesting idea; think you could get a step-function increase in usefulness if you could sync with Gmail or Mint to automatically add these subscriptions. Any consideration of that yet?
@amitch5903 Yes I definitely considered this! I am planning on implementing a feature that could fix this problem in a future update. You would be able to forward your subscription invoices to an email and have them automatically created for you the next time you enter the app
@kirkbyo_ That definitely sounds like the killer feature for this app, although it would be even better if you could do more like OneReceipt/Shoeboxed/Unroll.me and just automatically find known subscriptions in the user's gmail using Google login. It would be pretty amazing if a single login at the start could pre-populate the app, and then the user only would only need to manually add any that are still missing. Great work in any case! :)
@michael_one Ya that sounds pretty sweet. I will look into that and hopefully add it soon! Thank you for your feedback😀
I would like to say thanks to Arjun (@rjun07a) and Kevin (@imkevinxu) for hunting us today! The idea for the app came a year ago when I was having trouble keeping track of what I was paying for monthly and how much it costed. My intentions for the app was to make it easy and a simple to track and view all your subscriptions in one place. I started to work on the actual app around ~6 months ago and is the reason I learned iOS. Fun facts: - I rewrote the app twice because of crappy code - The app went through 3 major redesigns - It is entirely written in Swift - Only 14 Awake bars were consumed while making the product Anyways, I would love to hear what you guys think of the app! - Ozzie Edit: Sorry for all the late replies, I was in class all day and could not really answer, but now I am back! I can't say thank you enough to everyone for your feedback and support! It is super awesome to see that I am not the only one having this issue.
@kirkbyo_ Did you start writing in Swift, or did you switch over from a previous crappy code revision halfway?
@iamunr It was written in Swift from the start, but I kept noticing that I could make it simpler or write it a different way that would help with extending it later on and avoid weird bugs.
@kirkbyo_ Ah yes, the inevitable refactoring curse. :)
I was just thinking of this idea last week and even did some wire framing...this looks way better than what I put together! cant wait to check it out
Looks awesome well done on the build! Sad I can;t get it because not on IOS but from watching the video it would be cool if you could see a little 'data' screen on the total you have paid for each app and the total of all your subscription each month etc... Good way to work out if you are paying too much for stuff! :)
@mikelholford Thanks and yes that is definitely on my list of TODO's! :D
always wanted something like that. wish i did not have to add manually. many times i forget where i subscribed. do you also cancel the subscription if i don t want it?
@ourielohayon I am definitely looking into automating the process of adding subscriptions. Also, we do not handle the cancellations. The reason is because most companies don't offer an API (to my knowledge) to cancel their subscriptions, so it would be very hard for us to implement that feature.
@kirkbyo_ who said it had to be automated? right now it is a nice concept but requires work on input and management
@ourielohayon Manual kills it for me. Once you get automatic I will try it out.