Out of the Office

Tech comics on stuff! Makes a great gift.

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hi everyone! if you have questions, comments, random thoughts, examples of overused tech jargon... please let me know :)
Is there somewhere I can read these comic strips on the internet? I love the idea! Though, I'd really like to read more before I indulge in a purchase. :)
@rahulr047 yes! comic.fosslien.com :)
@rahulr047 oop or on instagram @ootocomic
I request something I can send someone that asks for a meeting I don't want to attend but assures them that it's not them, it's just that what they want to talk about doesn't really necessitate a meeting. feel me.
@eriktorenberg it's not u, it's me(eting)
These are great, just ordered your free stickers - coming back for some employee Christmas gifts later me thinks :D
@fosslien @cluelessmuppet they arrived today and they are awesome!
Reminds me of Tech Doodles from @kikischirr