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Ryan Hoover — Founder, Product Hunt
I stumbled across this Medium post by @dustin which quickly evolved into a site of experienced entrepreneurs, designers, marketers, engineers, and others donating their time for "office hours" over the holidays. This includes people like @iansilber, @jmj, @uberbryn, @erondu, @shahedkhan, @broccolini, and myself.

This also made me reflect on my own upbringing into Silicon Valley and all the people that were kind enough to meet with me and help (more on that here).
Jeff Morris Jr. — Revenue Products at Tinder
@afkehaya @rrhoover @dustin @iansilber @uberbryn @erondu @shahedkhan @broccolini Love this. I spoke with others who participated and their spots filled very quickly - mine did too. This speaks to the fact that demand for this platform exists. Excited to see where it goes!
dustin senos — Former Head of Design at Medium
@rrhoover thanks so much for posting this, and offering your time to talk to people, Ryan — really appreciate it.
Mubashar Iqbal — Making side projects for fun and profit
Love that this is "online", seen stuff like this in the past and it's been in person only, which really limits people from outside of the "hubs". Nice work!
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