Out of Office

A guide to setting up a successful remote company culture

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I really like this. The design rocks, and the content itself is solid. I'd be interested to know what the typical practice for interviewing for a remote job is. Is it best to interview the way you expect them to work (remote, all digital) or is it important to meet with a candidate face-to-face at least once before hiring?
@camroncade Hey, Camron! In my experience, very few remote teams get to actually meet their candidate face-to-face before hiring them, unless they happen to be in the exact same location as whoever is in charge of the hiring process - which, considering that many remote teams hire globally, is a pretty slim chance. I know companies who fly their new definite hires over for a meeting and getting to know them, but none that do that with potential candidates just for an interview. From personal experience - I've always been hired in remote companies solely based on video calls and interviews - and so far, none of them have been disappointed (cue one of my former employers showing up here and saying that they were super bummed with their choice once they actually met me :D). If you think the interview process through and are thorough enough, there's not much you can miss that you'd be super surprised by in real life. If you have the opportunity, definitely grab it - like we mentioned in the guide as well, relationships are best when built in person and managed online. *Ideally* you'd do both - it's great to meet the person face-to-face, but then it's also important to know that they can keep everything up in a virtual setting as well :) However, I'd say it's definitely not a necessity - I know tons of remote team members who have gone months and months without meeting their coworkers or higher ups in person, and it definitely works. Communication is key, as always. Hope I answered your question at least partly :) Cheers, Elen
@elenve That does answer my question thank you!