Ouroboros - Super Snake

The oldest mobile game reborn with wicked superpower

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It’s the age-old snake all over again – with a few twists here and a couple of tweaks there. Throw in some ultra-cool power-ups, wormholes and two spiffy game themes, and you’ve got Ouroboros - the world’s oldest mobile game Snake, reborn. The rules are as simple as rules can get – 1. Get the snake to eat the food 2. Don’t hit the snake's tail Of course, we give you some awesome superpowers to help you along the way. Check them out – - Invincible mode: Go through the snake's tail and get double the points while you’re at it - Shortening mode: Get food that shortens the snake's tail. - Multiple mode: Get lots of food at a go without increasing the tail’s length. - Transport the snake through wormholes Oh, and watch out for the bonus food. Happy hunting!