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Thanks for the upvotes! We hope you’ll give it a try. OurMix is one of the easiest ways to discover new music. Using the Spotify API, OurMix works by analyzing your Spotify library and matching it up with music your friends have discovered (and that we think you're likely to enjoy). Let me know if you have any questions or feedback. We'd love to hear from you.
Love that you're using Spotify data to curate and personalize the feed. I've seen many others music-sharing apps that require one to manually tell the service, "this song is awesome" or "share this song with my friend Sally" but they lack the social graph and imho there are so many great music discovery options available so there isn't a strong hook to get all your friends to join another network. @kizel @909kishore - I'm curious why you decided to enter the music space considering how competitive and difficult it is to operate in.
@rrhoover It's an interesting play. The irony about the music space imo is that it's so wide there is room for multiple plays. In this respect, there would arguably be a push to accumulate music listeners who want to interact more with the curation than the music itself, which is valid. Relative to that, it will be easy(ish) to onboard users who are looking for a broad experience over deeper control. It might appeal less to other music users who want more control over how they interact with their discovery, but then again, with the music universe so wide, that might not matter so much in the long run. Imo it really comes down to the type of music consumer you are targeting, because that determines what material you distribute, how it's distributed, and how much control you feel is right to give the userbase.
@rrhoover We entered the music space because: - we love discovering music, - we love our friends music, - music discovery feels like a lot of work, and - we haven't found another solution that automatically shares appropriate music. Spotify's native social features feel like an after-thought. Everything else requires that you manually share. We want to help people find music they love. We think we've created an effortless way to discover music from your friends. We'd love to hear your feedback on what you like or don't like about the experience. Thanks!
Do you plan on pulling in any other sources? SoundCloud 🙃
@bentossell We're definitely considering adding SoundCloud and other sources. Right now, we're focusing on making a great experience with Spotify. Spotify allows us to have a great experience for Spotify Free and Spotify Premium users. Within OurMix, Spotify Free users hear 30-second samples and Premium users hear full songs. (And if any user swipes a song to save it, it shows up in Spotify.)
Is this similar to the share feature that Spotify has?
@dredurr In OurMix, you don't select songs to share. We analyze what you're already saving in Spotify and show those songs to friends with similar tastes. It's all automatic. We analyze all the songs you are saving. If you and your friend have saved the same song, you won't see that song in OurMix (but you might see the one she saved before or after that). Since OurMix is all about discovering new music, we try to deliver songs that you haven't already saved.
Interesting. I'm also curious what makes this different than the "share" feature which Spotify uses. And does it only analyze the same songs that appear in both yours and your friend's lists?