Oui Shave

The first luxury shave club for women. Oui Shave better.

Hi Product Hunters, I'm Karen Young, founder of Oui Shave! Oui Shave is the first luxury shave club for women by women; pairing the world's best razor with luxurious, all natural shave oils. After years of frustration with shaving, I took a look at the razors I was using. I learned that multi blade razors are designed to pull the hair, cutting them below the skin, while the remaining blades rake across skin. Hello nicks, ingrowns, and razor burn. Shaving with a razor and oil from Oui produces a smooth, close shave with the added benefit of great skin care. Oui Shave delivers a better shave, literally. Choose your shave set. Choose your shave plan. Oui deliver your refills based on how often you shave. There's one more thing...wait for it... these razors last 10+ years. That's a lot of shaving above the knees ladies. Oui just launched this past November so I'm pretty excited to share this with the Product Hunt community, and would love to hear any questions or feedback. Use code PRODUCTHUNT30 at checkout for 30% off your first shave set, and thank you for checking us out!
@k_young_one That promo code doesn't work
Kudos to you on your subscription copy. How can you not sign up for monthly subscriptions. Well done! :-)
@corleyh Thanks Corley! Oui try :)
awesome! this is very exciting, I just bought a shave set
@maiab thanks Maia!! Oui would shave for you too 😉