Free illustrations for better UX

#2 Product of the WeekDecember 19, 2018

Ouch! helps creators who don’t draw overcome the lack of quality graphics. Download free illustrations from top Dribbble artists to class up your product.

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Creators who don’t draw face the problem of the boring content: *App screens *Articles *Landing pages *Emails We have paid the top Dribbble artists (so you don’t have to). The result is the illustrations in 14 styles for 23 typical UX screens: *Success *List is empty *Message sent *Error *Subscribed/unsubscribed, etc. Download free for a link. The result is the trendy design on par with top design teams.
@visualpharm i really like the idea behind this project and the illustrations are awesome ❤️ but i think search is broken i just wanted you to know 😉 .
@achuthhadnoor Ouch, thanks! Already fixed! 😉
Damn, these look so good. Why are the original artists not credited though? Would like to follow them on Dribbble.
@anna_0x Vielen Dank! Will do. Meantime, we publish them here https://dribbble.com/icons8 (let's follow each other!). If it's posted from Icons8, there's a credit in the description with a link to the Dribbble profile.
@anna_0x PS are these our icons at https://annafilou.com? I like how you matched the colors.
@visualpharm haha yes they are, you can see I credited you in the footer ;) It was a relatively quick project, currently redesigning it, making some custom illustrations and stuff, think I’ll still use icons8 for the icons though. I didn’t realize you guys are on Dribbble, following now!

Finally someone made a collection that i'm not ashamed to use in ads or prototypes. Glad that made by wonderful Icons8 team. Thumbs up!


Good styles and variety.


Who are the authors? I believe it's better to save copyrights to the illustrators themselves.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the guy featured in our top video
Love his design https://files.design Authors, will do. So far, here http://dribbble.com/icons8
This is great!
@beshur thanks, mate. PS This profile pic kicks some serious photography ass
@visualpharm, heh, thanks! :D
wow, that's awesome. Exactly what we need to speed up our process on creating cover pics for blogs!
@valeripotchekailov thanks, mate. I see you guys take design serious based on https://storychief.io/brand-guid...
@visualpharm design first approach pays off a lot indeed!