Take the pain out of transcribing recorded interviews

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Cat Noone
CEO & Designer, Stark
I wish I knew about this a week ago when I was transcribing this beast of an interview. Very awesome.
Jacques van Heerden
COO at We Edit Podcasts
Love this application. Similar to the already mentioned app by wreally, but this is open source which is awesome! Thanks for the share.
Michael BoamahAdvertising Editor at TheNextGag
I would pay for that. It is great.
Its really help me, Thanks
Very helpful, I would not use another transcribing app. This is absolutely amazing. This app automatically saves your text, so if you accidentally refresh or exit, you can come right back to the app without worry. No sign in required, and it can export to different formats, and send to your Google Drive. Overall, an incredible app that should be used by anny transcriber. Almost forgot to mention, I am transcribing a 90 minute conference, and it loads the audio file EXTREMELY quickly. It's a 450 MB file, and it loads it in less than a second, while other editors struggle so much to open it. EDIT: I accidentally pressed the back button on the browser, and I had to go back to oTranscribe, and it still had the text saved. Thank you oTranscribe!
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