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Marcus TallhamnMakerHiring@tallhamn · CEO, Otelic
We built this product to help teams create happiness at work! As a team you can use it to share photos, videos and text. You can think of it as a Tumblr type platform, built for a larger group of people. Some reasons people say they like the service: - It makes team members feel happier and more connected to each other=> improved wellbeing, productivity, retention, etc - It helps with recruiting/employer branding (paraphrasing Peter Thiel: if you want someone to go work for you instead of Google, where they'd get more money+prestige, you need to sell them on your mission and team)
Thomas Knoll@thomasknoll · COO @ Revelry.co
FWIW, we've been having fun sharing a peek into life at Taptalk: https://otelic.com/taptalk
Marcus TallhamnMakerHiring@tallhamn · CEO, Otelic
@thomasknoll we're so stoked to have you guys!! :)
Morgan Brown@morganb · Author, Hacking Growth
Congrats @tallhamn! Great concept!
Marcus TallhamnMakerHiring@tallhamn · CEO, Otelic
@morganb thank you, that means a lot coming from you!! 🙌
Ariel JalaliHiring@arieljalali · Co-founder, Sensay | @sensay
great pivot Marcus and team!
Thomas Knoll@thomasknoll · COO @ Revelry.co
@tallhamn - How did y'all end up here? Is this the same thing you started out building, or has the vision changed over time?
Marcus TallhamnMakerHiring@tallhamn · CEO, Otelic
@thomasknoll the product has changed a lot, the problem we're solving has changed a bit, and the space has remained the same. It's been an interesting road! :) We knew when we started working together that we wanted to do something around culture. It's often a really big challenge to hire a compatible team and keeping everyone stoked and aligned through the rollercoaster ride of building a company. At first we looked at more analytical approaches to understand what was and wasn't working at a company. We prototyped some analytics tools etc. The more we worked on it the more we felt a more human approach to capturing and nurturing what's awesome about a company would work better and have a much bigger impact. People are great at observing what's working and emulating it. The first thing we built was a prototype demonstrating the company profile pages. That was really fast. What's taken a bit more time is getting the quality of the web and iOS apps to a point where it's actually fun and awesome for team members to use the app on a regular basis. We wanted the iOS and web apps to feel a bit more Tumblr for work, so that the company profiles would be authentic living, breathing and real - not the typical static unauthentic content you see on About Us pages. We felt this was also critical to help create connectedness within the team!