Prepaid Debit Card for Youngsters + banking app for parents

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I love products like this. It's a basic and simple concept, but what I really like is the positive vibe and the fact that kids are learning about money. (plus this can work in any country so very scalable)
cool idea. reminds me of the problem moneythink is also trying to solve. http://moneythink.org/ - cc'ing @tedgonder
hi guys... thanks for up votes :) as bram said - we initially focused on keeping it very simple - we wanted osper to be the no hassle alternative to parents giving children cash or bank account as we think once you are up and running.. you are learning by doing. super interested in ideas people have about what we would focus on next... our principles our young people first, alway make it about real money, and keep it simple. all thoughts welcome. @olofster
Huge Osper fan. Totally the way allowances should work. Feature-wise seems pretty complete for now, wonder what you can do to boost distribution though: Is the main vector kids talking to other kids or parents talking to parents? Wouldn't be surprised if P2P payments between kids is really common and you could make that awesome.
What challenges have you faced designing UI that must simultaneously appeal to both young adults and adults?