Never think about your lights again

Orro turn lights on for you when you enter a room, and off after you leave. Orro automatically dims lights to healthy levels and learns your preferred lighting throughout the day.

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6 Reviews5.0/5
Interesting to see how this will compete with other lighting products, it's a seemingly saturated market, but I'm liking Orro's approach already!

I've been using various versions of the Beta product for the pat one year almost and have seen the product evolving to the present production pieces. The product is trustworthy and extremely helpful in keeping your mind off the lights and switching on/ off. We rarely touch it nowadays. The lights come on when required and go off when not required.


The immediate pick up on one's habits and requirements involving light requirement.


There's more coming...

Great concept. I hope this will start a trend for more eco-friendly startups! Our world needs it
Little nit, your website copyright date is 2018, and we're in 2019.
$200 per switch. Cough.