Orchestra 1.0

An open-source robotic process automation system 🚀

Orchestra is an open-source workflow management system that uses RPA to support teams and improve how people do creative and analytical work. By having machines do repetitive parts of a project, devs can spend more time working on more engaging tasks.
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Hi, Product Hunt! We’re excited to unveil Orchestra 1.0, a feature-rich version of our open-source Robotic Process Automation (RPA) system that orchestrates teams of experts and machines. Orchestra automates repetitive tasks in team-based projects so teams work faster and individuals focus on the creative tasks they enjoy. We initially open-sourced Orchestra v0.1.0 in 2015. Since then, we’ve added features that make cross-geography project management even easier, including nested self-pruning checklists, time tracking, and new bots called StaffBot and SanityBot. We use Orchestra at B12 to quickly assemble teams of machines + experts to launch and update high-quality websites for our customers. We can imagine an Orchestra use case for virtually every industry, including automating back-office tasks, professional service workflows, and complex analytical work. The benefits associated with RPA and Orchestra workflows include increased accuracy and consistency, less time spent coordinating projects, less money spent on staffing, and improved reporting and compliance. Orchestra is the only open-source example of RPA on the market. We’re eager to explore all of the ways this updated version of Orchestra can help other companies and industries. Whether you want to implement Orchestra in key business processes or simply play around with the code, we hope you’ll take a look and let us know what you think. Thanks! Team B12
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Been watching the B12 team for years, exciting to see them attack the worst parts of building any website. AI is best leveraged when it's automating away the worst parts of work, freeing up creative humans to build new things.
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so what does everyone use this for? as a small business owner i have a lot of repetitive accounting and bookkeeping tasks that are'nt much fun.
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@sharfunnisa_quadri Thanks for your question! As a small business owner, we think it’s a great idea for you to use a product that’s RPA-powered! The idea is that Orchestra helps you build repeatable, automated human + machine workflows to save you time and minimize errors. These workflows are most effective when done by a company that’s applying that use case a bunch of times over, either a larger enterprise or a company like Pilot, for example. Relying on a bookkeeping company that productizes RPA means that error-prone tasks like categorizing transactions and double-checking your balances are handled by rules-based algorithms that are more accurate than individuals. Structuring and organizing your company's data will happen seamlessly, faster, and more accurately. But a person will always be on hand for those tricky exceptions.
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Very cool, congrats to the team!
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