Snap and chat. Meet new friends.



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Neeraj Thakur — Marketer | www.neerajt.com
Start chatting people you already know, as well as people you want to meet.

- Send up to 5 chat requests each day.
- Start random chats with people all around the world. No limits.
- Add your messages on your photos. Just like Snapchat.
- Share your orbiname on social media and get popular easily.
- Use Orbichat every day and get listed in the Featured Users list.
Ben Tossell — Community Lead, Product Hunt
Some very obvious similarities with Snapchat in look and feel - this may likely be an issue. (also 'Snap and Chat' - I can't see that being overlooked)

What is going to get users to move onto this platform from places like Snapchat? Is the USP the 'chat to new people'?
Erkin Coban — Co-owner @ Teknoted
Hi @bentossell

Thank you for your comment. We decided to be inspired by Snapchat UI to welcome users with a similar interface. But the mechanism is different.

Orbichat is launched roughly 10 days ago and will evolve pretty fast. We already submitted our first update and waiting for it to be approved.

Our main difference is "random chat" feature as a USP. It's more like a dating+chat app rather than being a photo chat app.
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