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    Extremely easy set up. Good coverage.


    The app for managing it isn't great.

    I got these after moving into my new house and they were incredibly easy to set up. I had everything up and running in about 5 minutes. They have great coverage as well. We have zero dead zones in the house, and I've never had a device get dropped. I wouldn't suggest using the app for managing them though. It's far easier to just use a web browser.

I hate to say this, but I was interested right up until the point I hit "Get It" and was redirected to Netgear. Every experience I've had with kit from Netgear has been negative with most ending up in the trash.
@jamiequackers Sorry to hear about your experience ☹️ . I've been using NETGEAR products since about 2002 (with my gateway computer... remember those?!?). Have never had issues that I can remember, but of course internet was much much slower... I'm sure I had a lot more patience 😂😂.
@marcosmoralez Ahh the good ol' days of 56k ! Nowadays I have a Netgear unit from my cable provider (Virgin Media, UK) and using both cable and Wifi in anger crashes the box. Reason - they sited the cable processor next to the Wifi chip and the heat produced by the Wifi chip overheats the cable processor and brings the whole thing down. First world problems...
With the growing market of WiFi Systems, I thought I’d start the thread off with what makes Orbi stand out from the rest. - AC3000 Tri-Band WiFi makes Orbi faster than other WiFi Systems - A dedicated 5Ghz band allows for better AP/Band steering - A 2-kit Orbi system covers up to 4,000 square feet, giving you more coverage with fewer devices If you've experienced dead zones, dropped connections or the anxiety-inducing slow connection like me, you're familiar with this feeling: 👇 Me before Orbi 👇 Me after Orbi --- Product details from the landing page: Meet Orbi – Fast, Secure, Whole Home WiFi Orbi is the World’s First Tri-band WiFi System. From your front yard to your home office to your pool, Orbi gives you reliable, secure, and crazy fast WiFi to every inch of your home. - Orbi WiFi System provides whole home WiFi, with a 2-kit system covering up to 4,000 square feet. - As the World’s First Tri-Band WiFi System, Orbi will keep your internet running at max speeds no matter how many devices connect.
@marcosmoralez "-A dedicated 5Ghz band allows for better AP/Band steering" is nothing that makes in stand out. That is very common.
@emilstahl It is an industry-first solution to resolve the most common bottleneck issue with mesh systems; the connection between the router and satellites. Most mesh systems use the same dual band WiFi for connecting to your devices, as well as to the router. That limited bandwidth is further reduced as it is shared between the router and satellite. Orbi resolves this bottleneck with the dedicated backhaul, to make sure you are not only getting coverage but also the best performance on multiple devices with different WiFi for backhaul and fronthaul.
They look pretty big! There are some good WiFi systems out there/coming out....Eero, Starry and announced yesterday, Google WiFi
@bentossell Compared to others on the market, they are bigger. This of course allows Orbi to be Tri-Band and powerful (each unit covering up to 2,000 sq ft).
@CNET recently did a review on Orbi and called it "the best WiFi system on the market." -
Looks great, but it's too bad they don't provide the flexibility to connect Orbi Satellite to the router via Ethernet, especially since it's already got a switch built-in.
@nloui I could see how that would be useful, I read on their site that it performs best connected wirelessly. Added @dhenryng as a maker 👋🏽 I'm sure he could speak to that better than I can. 👍🏽
Hi @nloui. The idea behind Orbi was to provide a whole-home WiFi solution that does not require a wired connection. We have received feedback about this capability from our customers and are considering to support it in a future maintenance release.