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Quick feedback: 1) you might want to have the scale go to more than $100m for the company valuation; especially in the Bay Area with companies like Uber. Ironically I once had a prospective employee say "even if the company were to get worth $100 million; my shares would only be worth x". Ironically the startup became worth quite a lot more than $100m within about 18 months. So yeah, probably a good idea to be able to model valuations higher than $100m :) 2) you probably want to clarify the 'total shares' part. e.g. 'total shares issued & outstanding'
@_jacksmith Thanks for the suggestions, updated the site!. 1 billion dollars, muhahah!
@mubashariqbal I was think more one trillion
@mubashariqbal @_jacksmith actually up it even more. as Jack pointed out you have companies like Uber that are valued well above a billion
@daveparkhere @_jacksmith Good point guys. I was too focused on the early stage startups but the more established ones do have much higher valuations.
@mubashariqbal Now that the scale goes up to $1T, I would recommend making it logarithmic. Very hard to control lower valuation inputs (e.g. 100M)
I assume you don't account for any potential dilution. Have you thought about adding that as a parameter to play with?
Quickly calculate what your options are worth.
Nice find Eric!
Well designed, @mubashariqbal. You might want to add taxes to the calculation here as well or at least add a note as it's something people often forget to account for.
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan! I added a note about the taxes, the specifics get very complicated :)