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  • Jordan Halvorsen
    Jordan HalvorsenBootstrapping Demigod

    Great interface, easy to setup


    Impossible to get an account past trial.

    Sales does an endless loop. Can't sign up or upgrade online. When you try to get in touch with sales via phone they never reach out to you. What a joke

    Jordan Halvorsen has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 



    Terrible to get in touch with, not helpful when you do. They obviously only want enterprise, but they have some really shitty processes.


    Chris Conrad has used this product for one month.


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Matt Auerbach
Matt AuerbachMaker@mauerbac · Dev Evangelist @Optimizely
Excited to be launching on Product Hunt today! Optimizely X Full Stack enables developers to run experiments anywhere in code. Our SDKs make it easy to experiment on algorithms, feature flags, pricing, user experience and much more. Today, our iOS & Android SDKs are now generally available. These mobile SDKs allow you to experiment and optimize throughout your mobile app, instantly deploy updates without an App Store or Google Play review, and control the roll out of new features. We now have SDKs in Python, Ruby, Java, Node, JavaScript, Android, Swift and Objective-C. Take a look at our Developer Docs & Getting started guides: https://developers.optimizely.co....
Mike Bronfman
Mike Bronfman@mikebronfman · Meta AR COO, Harvard '16
Very cool! I'd love to see a video example of how Optimizely X Full Stack can work for me. :-)
Toby Urff
Toby Urff@tobiasurff · Product Manager
Exciting stuff!