Optimizely for iOS

Fast and scalable A/B testing for iOS apps (public beta)

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Mobile a/b testing is tricky and very much needed. We had this on our roadmap at PlayHaven for months but never prioritized it ahead of other things. Congrats on the launch, @ghigorange and team!
Thank you @rrhoover. I'm one of the engineers working on Optimizely for iOS. Feel free to contact me if you have any question or feedback on the product.
When I saw this, the first thing I thought of was Taplytics (http://taplytics.com). Is there anything actually different between the products or this just Optimizely's move into the same market? Also — the onboarding on the landing page for the two products looks remarkably similar [1] . Coincidence or were y'all inspired directly by their page? On an unrelated note, I just had a horrible experience creating that comparison — anyone have a good tool for uploading two screenshots and annotating them? [1]
Be very interested to hear about people's experience with Optimizely. I love Optimizely for the web so I'm eager to try. There have been plenty of mobile A/B testing tools in past (Pathmapp, Artisan) but, in my experience, experiments aren't easy to set up.
I'd love to hear about people's experience as well. We're thinking of using this or mixpanel's new mobile A/B testing framework and any insight would be great.