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Infinite workouts customized for you by machine learning

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You ought to consider developing an app for Bose SoundSport Pulse - if the machine intelligence is legit, you could have a killer virtual in-ear personal trainer app on your hands - with supplementary info & guidance on all connected devices (smart phone, watch, glasses, pants, etc.)
@elizabethhunker Thats a great idea, and something what one of our competitors is starting to do just for running. Our algorithm supports running, swimming, weightlifting, body weight exercises, and a lot more so we could make use of all the wearables you mentioned. Know any engineers that want to join us to build out all these integrations :) Forgot to mention that we do support the Apple Watch and make use of your heart rate from there. We even connect to 23andMe to utilize your genetics when designing workouts!
Hi, I'm Joe, creator of Optimize Fitness, a US Army Ranger, NASM certified personal trainer, and senior software engineer at Google. After years of refinement I am excited to share Optimize Fitness with everyone. The app spent the last ~7 months in beta with real users validating the machine learning algorithm and just went live on the App Store yesterday. Optimize Fitness generates workouts with exact weights, repetitions, and times that you can handle. No equipment is required, but it supports ~100 pieces of equipment and has hundreds of exercises with more added every day. We have users in their 70's who are now able to do a pull-up after two months and users who lost 20lbs in two months without changing their diet. We did not put any of the cheesy marketing hooks in the app to encourage use because the results people see speaks for itself. I hope you give Optimize Fitness a chance! Please share any comments, suggestions, or concerns! Thanks! -Joe
I’d love it if I could use this to optimize my workouts in Ignite (http://getignite.io)
@cenk It is actually easier to track your workouts in Optimize Fitness. Ignite does not support things like Supersets, Dropsets, Pyramid sets, etc. Optimize Fitness supports all possible workout types, will generate them for you, allows you to create your own, and if that was not enough, it saves you from having to enter in your weight, reps, and time by providing the recommendations based on your ability. Are there any specific features you like about Ignite that you want to see in Optimize Fitness? We have plans to add exercise history so you can view your progress over time on an exercise level, not just muscle capability level. Another feature coming soon is the ability to save workouts that you like so you can easily do them again, with auto-updated weights based on your improved abilities. You will be able to save your own workouts, as well as workouts your friends do thanks to the feed in Optimize Fitness.
@joelaws83 Wow, thanks for the detailed explanation. I’m definitely going to give Optimize Fitness a try! To be honest, the only things I like more about Ignite than your app are the colour scheme and the name.
Looks like a great app, i have been going to the gym quite often and im looking to get a little more serious about it.
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