Get rewarded for your healthy habits


Tristan Pollock
@writerpollock · EIR/Venture Partner @ 500 Startups
It pays to be healthy for once. OptimityX is a pocket health coach that you can connect your phone or any wearable or popular health app and Optimity will automatically pull 6 months of your habit history and reward your healthy habits with points that you can convert into $25 reward cards.
Jonathan Rechtman
@jonathan_rechtman · Cadence co-founder + pro interpreter
Looks cool! My boss is always complaining that the startup life doesn't leave enough time for exercise, and I tend to agree -- I'll ask him if we can get this set up for our team!
Ali R. Tariq
@alirtariq · Product Designer, Manulife RED Lab
With so many fitness apps out there that seem to take an arm's length approach to counting steps and tacking on a leaderboard, I like how this differentiates itself by offering holistic health tips and incentivizing us with rewards I can actually relate to! That said, I'm not sure if this also integrates into my existing steps trackers like Fitbit or Jawbone… See more
Jane Wang
@janejywang · CEO, Optimity
Hey Hunters! Loving the community, thank you for all the support! We'll be answering questions and also rolling out special PH milestones for you guys, so stay tuned! Looks like the first milestone has been reached! An announcement is sent through the app, and soon you'll receive 500 bonus points and 500 stars. Next level unlocked at 300 upvotes! 750 points… See more
Sergii Garkusha
@cu7ious · Lead Full Stack Engineer @ SentiSum
Great moves guys, proud of you, keep it up. I bet you make babies smile :) I appreciate you. Another one. Looking forward to your updates. I like your style. Of course I'm kidding. But seriously, I'm one of your early users (and still number one on your dashboard 😂) and I'm also a fitness geek. I'm following hints which your app provides and I feel myself … See more