Service marketplace for small businesses on the blockchain

Opporty is a service marketplace with cutting-edge blockchain technology on board. Opporty enables new models of commercial and social engagement on secure, resilient, and impenetrable Ethereum blockchain. It streamlines small business activities through smart contracts and decentralized Escrow procedure.

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Hello Product Hunt !:-) I'm Sergey Grybniak, founder of Opporty. You can read the details about Opporty below. I will be happy to answer any questions! Opporty is a marketplace on steroids. Taking the best of blockchain technology and the on-demand business model, Opporty introduces innovative lead-generation, rewards members for content contribution, supports strong smart contracts, and introduces the world’s first decentralized Escrow. From the very start, I envisioned Opporty as a platform that will revolutionize the way small and medium companies do business. Mainly, my goals were to resolve two fundamental problems that small companies face: 1) Promotion The Internet allows small businesses to increase exposure, raise awareness, build trust, and drive dozens of leads and customers. However, an ordinary small business owner will never have a big enough budget to compete against bigger players. Opporty introduces a new way of driving leads and conversions — a knowledge-sharing system. Users can contribute their knowledge and expertise by posting valuable content and answering questions for the Opporty community. This allows them to cement their position as experts in the eyes of the community. They develop and promote their brands for free, and get rewarded in OPP tokens for every content piece. 2) Standards Successful companies always rely on standardized procedures. When they face a problem, they always know how to act, saving precious time on decision-making. Small businesses may also try to establish their own standards, but they often lack the expertise and resources to make sure everyone follows the rules. Opporty incorporates smart contracts for businesses and establishes better standards by default. When conflicts do arise, they are resolved by in-house Escrow arbitrators who serve the community. Arbitrators are independent experts who standardize rules and regulations, draw up smart contracts, and resolve conflicts. Every action is voted on by the entire community on the blockchain. As you can see, Opporty is a unique project. It empowers small businesses, allowing them access to the power of cutting-edge technologies that they might not be able to afford on their own. Opporty enables small businesses and startups to compete with corporations and established businesses. This will be a game-changer in the world of business in the years to come. Thank you for your time, Sergey Grybniak
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Hi everyone This is awesome!
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@krauts_michael I'm happy you like it. Thanks!
Oh man… Was thinking of this few days back and there it is. Keep up the work! I am soon writing an article for it...
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@kayla_kinzer Many thanks! Kindly share your experience of using Opporty so far. Also, I would appreciate if you send me the link to a published article.
you have very strange voter list, most guys who comment here, are in the range of the same registration time (member IDs). Why most of these voters are so impressed?
@dainiskanopa Hello, thank you for your question. We have announced release of Opporty on the Product Hunt. Most of voters are subscribers who watched our updates and knew the date of release.
Been using this Will definitely help people get more customers and service providers It would be great if you had a demo link on your homepage so that we can directly see how the Opporty works
@varog_norman hello! Please, see the link to Opporty right to the video. And many thanks for the comment