Opportunity Gizmo

Extension for Amazon sellers to accelerate product research

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Ria, thanks for hunting us 😘 πŸ˜€ Hey Hunters, AZ Gizmo is a top-notch set of tools for Amazon sellers that helps raise user`s profits! These utilities have been designed flexible and diverse to cover many aspects of e-commerce β€” from white labeling to retail arbitrage. Opportunity Gizmo - Chrome Extension 🐝 Whether you are aiming to expand your business online, develop white label business or find retail arbitrage - the tools often determine if you will be able to succeed at all. πŸ” Opportunity Gizmo Chrome extension is an impressive mix of pricing, ranking, sales estimates, 30 days of product history and other crucial data, which will save you hours or even days of unnecessary copying/pasting. πŸ“ˆ Capture product insights while searching or browsing Amazon catalog to accelerate product research! Save hours and days of routine activities. Does your product category have relevant entries in β€œCustomers Also Bought”? Product pages have variations? You decide on the categories and precision of your searches and set the tool up accordingly! Automate your scanning process, save your time and start earning money instead of scraping data together! 🀠 Whether your strategy aims for mass market or long tail, our tool will help you filter and pick products that matter to you! The results could be aggregated over multiple days and research sessions. Launch Your Amazon Business All The Way To Space! πŸš€ Whether you are launching a new business or extending an existing one, proper tool is definitely something that determines your end results. Don't bet on chances, put your trust in data - may the power of Opportunity Gizmo be with you!
@amst_deer Great tool! Good luck with your promotion!
I'm starting my blog soon and this looks like a great product to have along side to increase my profits. Great work 😁
@erickbarron86 cool, man :) share the link, I'll be your first follower
@erickbarron86 great idea, can you give us your contacts for future communication?
Very excited for this product! Something I've been wanting and thinking of for months now.
@hellojusto Thanks :) We are so pleased to realize the benefits of our product for users
Is works right from the browser amazon tab wow! Way better than jungle scout.
@alexey_fisun everything for you to make your work easier πŸ€—
Where's the data coming from?
Hi @mikee_shattuck , Many thanks for the good question, I've been waiting for it all day β€Š Opportunity uses 2 options: Amazon API and one magic secret technology to generate data. ))) Unfortunately, I cannot open all cards, but I can definitely say that the option depends on whether you configure plugin with your MWS account or not.