IFTTT but for webpage events: do X when Y happens in website

We believe implementing most client-side functionalities in websites is boring for professionals. We all deserve a solution.

This is Oplim. The product to activate reusable, customizable and reliable functionalities in web pages.

Free for the majority. Your support is appreciated.

Let us know what you think, and what features are missing?

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This could be useful for competitive intelligence (e.g. get a notification when your competitor changes their landing page messaging) or community management (e.g. receive an alert when a person comments with a question to respond to or curse word to moderate).
@rrhoover Thanks. It's designed to work on your own website (internal website events, client-side, more like a tag manager). It generates a script loaded in the website based on the settings configured in the panel. It runs in the client-side. It is very privacy-friendly as nothing is sent back to servers and almost everything is processed in the client-side. For example, if you want to display a coupon code only for visitors who are now in "/sales" pages, and they have ever visited "/checkout" page, and have been in the website for more than 10 minutes, all these historical data are saved and processed in the client-side by Oplim. Not even a transmission over Internet.
Hello Hunters! We have just released our product, and this is the first place we are introducing it. All developers, designers and marketing professionals are ending up implementing many similar features on websites. Geolocation functions, seasonal offers, integrating analytics, live chat, language detection, UX improvements and so on. It is a total waste of time and resources, and a boring task to implement and maintain these standard and similar features. To solve it, we invested almost two years to make Oplim. It's a product to design micro-tasks called "Oplimations": reusable, shareable, controllable, codeless, scalable and reliable functionalities for use in web pages. All can be designed and managed in a visual and code-free panel, with a few single clicks. Flexible and powerful to support almost any situation. All team members can enable/disable functionalities (disable discount offer, enable analytics, eg.) overnight, no source code modification required. * Free for up to 500k/pageviews/m. We enjoy discussing how Oplim can help. What do you like? What would you add?
Is it not, like Tag Manager or Whishpond?
@emmanuel_b_lepage You are right Emmanuel, tag managers can be considered as the most similar product. I believe Whishpond is a different product. Actually, we can integrate Whishpond to Oplim. By integrating Whishpond, it is possible to enable all Whishpond functionalities in Oplim panel, codeless.
@startuprepeater so how Oplim could make my live easier than Tag Manager? I'm a copywritter working in small businesses so I'm always the guy in charge website / social media analytics. My big pain is that Tag is just not intuitive and demand of lot of technical knowledge to create small data lake. So it's hard to get fast at it and to go without a solid analytics strategy.
@emmanuel_b_lepage what tag managers are doing is just a functionality you can achieve using Oplim. Oplim should not be considered as a tag manager. Whatever you can achieve by programming in the client-side, it can be done using Oplimations. Enabling integrations and analytics, targeting features, showing a discount coupon, etc. are no innovations, while it requires lots of time and very frustrating to debug and maintain even for developers. Oplim is designed to be a platform, to create structured, customizable and reusable micro functionalities. Enabling all by a few clicks and visual customization. We will definitely create more default examples about analytics to illustrate this use-case better. Thanks for the feedback.
i really, really like this. I can code a little, but I'd still use a service like this for easy management. There are millions of people who can just about add something like a hubspot feature into a page (code insertion etc), that would find something like this very empowering indeed. When it has even more interactions with 3rd parties - and people out in the wild do some clever things with it that even @steve9 didn't intend, it will become an even greater tool. Really great work on this.
@jwelch Thanks for the great comment James! We did our best to make it as a platform, open to be expanded by people. Actually, we are already getting surprised what people are implementing using Oplim. Feel free to contact me if I could do anything to help steve@oplim.com or ask@oplim.com.