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I think the most interesting feature is that the A.I. takes requests. So you can ask it questions like “brown mens shoes size 10 or 11 that are light but good for hiking”, “earbuds with the best bass under $100”, or “a super comfy leather couch that’s easy to move around.” I imagine as a little old man/woman who responds to any request with "I know just the thing."
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@gabriel__lewis hahahahaha the perfect combination of friendliness and relevant life experience
The comment at the end of the TC article @_jacksmith shared is the key here: "Combining the ease of the internet with the help of a human could spur the next evolutionary leap in shopping." It becomes interesting as AI tech/tools are used to improve the efficiency of operators and the quality of recommendations. I've bought a couple items via Operator and had an overall pleasant and effortless shopping experience. But - this post is about the new 'discover' feed which in it's current incarnation seems like a complete 'miss'. I tried it and it seems to be a fairly random list of product *ads* that just fit really broad categories, rather than leveraging any tech or personalization. It is just not very engaging. I get the importance in building an engagement focused product in such an app, but I think the *content* needs to be much more compelling for it to work. I'm thinking it needs richer photography, deeper style explorations, and general content related to my previous purchases. Not just random products that I can buy. Anyways - keep up the good work, Operator!
@rahulcap @_jacksmith we are just about to push this coming week, please look out for a significant upgrade to personalization and the core discovery experience
We featured Operator on Botlist today to help with the launch. Good luck! https://botlist.co/
Operator 2.0 launches today, now with curated product recommendations : https://techcrunch.com/2016/08/1... this puts it in the same sort of space as kit.com (another Expa project) a bit from what I can see
@_jacksmith looks like 2.0 came out August 5th 2016 as per app store?
@bentossell not sure, they probably just only announced it today. The Techcrunch article that I linked to from today said "Today Operator 2.0 for iOS and Android beta launches"
@_jacksmith yeh saw that but strange that app store says Aug 05
Design looks good. And it looks like they spent a lot of time refining the first time user experience. Nice job!