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Just to throw this out there. It is not an actual VPN. "This Opera "VPN" is just a preconfigured HTTP/S proxy protecting just the traffic between Opera and the proxy, nothing else. It's not a VPN." https://twitter.com/spazef0rze/s... Full description here: https://gist.github.com/spaze/55... On another note, because Opera is built on chromium, it is susceptible to the WebRTC. Visit this on Opera: http://www.ipleak.net/ It offers some protection but not to the extent that most people think of when they see VPN.
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@joesnell Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. I think you’re referring to Opera desktop browser with built-in VPN, which is slightly different product and focuses solely on the protection inside the browser surfing. Regarding WebRTC, good news: leaking of IP address for WebRTC connections has been fixed with the latest Opera Developer release. Please check out our blog http://www.opera.com/blogs/desktop/ where we’ll have the latest updates on this soon. Also, we currently (already) turn off WebRTC by default in VPN mode in the browser. If you want to use WebRTC, you can turn off VPN. Please let me know if you’ve any other questions, thanks.
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Download, quick, before it gets blocked.
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@musolek @joesnell I don't need to, I think @aghazain has already cleared up the misunderstanding. That said, I have it installed on two iOS devices now and it's working well so far. It installs an ipsec profile on the device so it's good for all traffic, not just the browser.
@frassmith Why does it cause Google to ask me to solve captchas all day long? It says you violate their terms of service.
@ledsteplin I've no idea. Perhaps you could contact Opera support for help.
i wonder what they do with the data they collect
@ourielohayon Always my first thought when I see a VPN app. If it's free you can be assured they are making money with the collected data in some way.
@ourielohayon valid question. We're very transparent about what happens to the data: https://www.surfeasy.com/blog/ge... ... Surfeasy is owned by Opera and runs the VPN product
@aghazain in plain language?
@theappivore @ourielohayon I'm using it to access Facebook, Google and Twitter so the data being collected by the VPN is the least of my concerns. :-)
@ourielohayon from what I read: they will collect anonymous usage data and sell those. Also, they are thinking of monetizing it like a free game - with ads.
Cool and very welcome addition to the Opera browser series. Love the ad-blocking, tracker-blocking functionality on top of the free VPN features. Probably on its way to become my fave iOS browser on-the-go.
Loving the icon!