Opera Touch for iOS

The new browser from Opera now available for your iPhone

Opera Touch for iPhone is a light, fast and secure browser, designed to be easily used with only one hand. (Also available on Google Play.)

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Great job!! 😊 This is the modern web browser which is defInItely needed. Google chrome are you listenIng these guys are goIng amazIng?
Really fast ⚑️
I've been using Opera browser since Symbian days :) and still using it on my droid-phones. I will have this tomorrow for my IP6 :)
I prefer Opera mainly because it's possible to make maps for bookmarks, the great sync between devices and the 'search in page' function, that most mobile browsers lack.
As a video creator, I found it oddly coincidental that I was listening to the same song in the background while browsing for music for a video I'm working on... https://audiojungle.net/item/abs... On topic, I remember reading about this a while back, excited to try it now that it is released