Opera Reborn

New version of Opera, codenamed Reborn, now with messaging

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Really dig the "Free VPN" and "Native ad blocking" features
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@eonpilot Me too! 😍🎉 Whoo hoo. 😸🎩
The free vpn is looking great! The latency is low and the speed is similar to what I get without it:
@brunolemos I've always been curious about what the do with the data.
@mxsawyer It must be written in the privacy policy and terms of use
@eonpilot that's been in there for a while. I'm just glad they are coming back.
Only browser who doesn't care what Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari does. #Thuglife
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@rafyasarmatta There is also Bravo and Vivaldi. Vivaldi is also doing some interesting things that are out of the norm. Using Chrome though across all my devices, no other browser has that multiple device seamless integration of data like Chrome which is why I always revert back to it on a desktop even if it isn't the prettiest or feature rich browser out there. Also with the fairly new Toby bookmarking extension only being on Chrome and how essential it has become for me, that's another thing tying me down to Chrome.
@rafyasarmatta I didn't understand your comment, because Opera uses Chromium under the hood, so it's basically Chrome with design tweaks
@brunolemos It's Opera's Opera. No one cares what is under the hood.
I wish they had added Slack to the list of messengers.
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@ignaty spot on. If you haven't already, check out Franz for combining several messenger apps into one.
@paljoakim, thanks! I've tried Franz but found IM+ for Mac to be better.
@ignaty thanks for the tip – does it support the cmd-t shortcut from Slack? One of the very few things I miss using Franz.
@paljoakim sorry, no. IM+ and Franz both use web version and ⌘+T seems to be a desktop only option, but ⌘+K should work just fine.
@ignaty ah, hadn't noticed there were two of them. Thanks!
Ah, you beat me to it. Congrats to the Opera design team for taking an experimental approach with the Opera Neon and shipping it with all its flaws - the Reborn is exactly what the name says. Lovely UI and interaction, the onboarding is pretty nice and speed-wise, it's not that bad!
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@perte I really thought nothing could drag me of my beloved Chrome. But I installed it today, and so far so good. Let's see how will it be long-term.
@sergiu_cazac @perte I'm giving it chance for the first time too! :D
Love the messengers in the sidebar.