Opera Neon

A concept of tomorrow’s web browser you can play with today.


Ben Tossell
@bentossell · Community Lead, Product Hunt
3 things that excite me: - Snap to gallery - split screen mode - video pop-out What are the performance stats vs something like chrome? I've been a long-time chrome user and more than happy to change but want some knock-out punches to convince me :) (good start is using google search vs bing ha, nice!)
Sandro Jazzar
@sandrojazzar · Founder, Digital Labs
From the video, I get a feeling that it's something like a Browser-as-an-OS?
Austin Sandmeyer
@as_austin · Thinker/Student/Rockstar
Oh my goodness... I actually think I might love this. The video looks really light-hearted and fun. Real question... Battery Life? Please be good to me. It does the important things for sure...👇 But sadly no touchbar... 😢 https://lh3.googleusercontent.co...
Neeraj Thakur
@neerajt4 · Marketer | www.neerajt.com
Opera Neon is a concept browser built from the same browser engine as the Opera browser; it’s designed to allow users to focus on the most important part of the internet: the content. Opera Neon will provide users with fun ways to interact with web content, including the ability to drag and push things around, and even to even pop content out from the web.