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Crowd-voting for elections. Turn your one vote into many

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Hey Product Hunters! We're excited to share our 2016 public beta of Openvote. Openvote is a crowd-voting platform for elections. We host opinions from all sides about candidates and issues on your ballot. We're an open platform where anyone can publish. The primary action on Openvote is to pledge your vote. After you pledge for your candidate, we help you recruit and track how many votes you drive to a campaign. We launched an early test back in October 2015 — and we're now ready to roll out for this upcoming 2016 election. For our beta launch, we're starting with 7 campaigns but will be quickly expanding to more. We'd love your feedback!
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This is amazing! I hope Openvote ends "I don't vote because it doesn't matter" Will openvote encourage reading opposing arguments? for example, will reading "why X is pro-choice" recommend me to check out "why Y is pro-life"? I'm curious as to why people don't read politically perpendicular articles today. is having easy access to both sides enough to give opposing ideas a chance? I'm interested to hear your thoughts on the severity of left/right polarization, and how openvote will change it. Excited for the future of Openvote ⚡️
@rometty_ Thanks! I think one problem with politics on the internet right now is we're rarely exposed to opposing points of view. Facebook shows us more of what we like, and we rarely like things from opposing political camps. We hope over time to draw folks from all sides onto our platform. I think that gives us an opportunity to cross-pollinate political ideas. That said, we think of Openvote as an on-going experiment. We'll get some things right and a lot of things wrong. But over time we hope to create a diverse and honest forum for political discourse.
@rometty_ People don't vote not only because it doesn't matter, but because it should be easier to do (in this era). Why we aren't voting online should be a mystery to more people (I feel). Is that the grander plan here for OpenVote? @rsg
I like the recommend idea! Recently been wanting to be exposed to more of the opposing arguments, especially after seeing this: Seems like Openvote makes that really easy to explore. @rsg One thing I noticed is that clicking on the "Cannabis" or "Gun Control" headers leads you to the first link in the dropdown. I agree with legalization and gun safety, but don't know if others would take that as an attempt to nudge opinions when it's an open platform to all ideas/views. Just a thought!
Nice! I love seeing the increase in platforms that elevate your political voice and let your vote truly be heard. It seems as though a large group (including myself) feel the actual vote is meaningless, so this certainly gives hope that maybe it'll actually play a role and make a difference in elections at some point. Unsure if that is the direction for the product, but certainly something that could be super beneficial for voters (and the gov). Reminds me a lot of Brigade, though. (Brigade: How does Openvote differ?
@imcatnoone Thanks Cat! Yeah, we're very much trying to combat the perception that any given individual's vote isn't meaningful. We think that by encouraging one person to pull in several more, they can make their personal impact much more significant. We're friends with the folks at Brigade, and with other startups in the civic engagement space. Our feeling is that we're all tackling an incredibly difficult problem—and a diversity of approaches is the only way we'll beat voter apathy.
Yes! I signed up. Can't wait to use this more.
Incredibly excited about this product because I know Bobby personally and consider him one of my most driven and intelligent friends. To see someone with such talent and capacity take on innovation in the political space, where it is so sorely needed, is inspiring. Best of luck man! I wish I could vote.