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I see a lot of similar startups on BetaList which makes me wonder whether discovering people with similar interests is such a big problem? Has anyone tried any of those service with meaningful relationships as a result? For me services like Twitter and Meetup do the job, but perhaps I'm missing something. I see they already got some influential startup people using the system. (e.g. Tony Conrad and Naveen Selvadurai)
Just signed up and saw a few familiar faces as well (@hnshah & @jbrewer). I added some likes and now I'm not sure what to do. So many startups have approached this space and the biggest mistake (imho) is that they don't provide enough context for these interactions or introductions (e.g. Highlight). Is this for professional networking? Dating? Etc. Sites/communities where I've met new people have never focused explicitly on people discovery but instead provide a vehicle to interact (e.g. Quibb, Twitter). That said, the design is well done and clearly it's early. Curious to see how it changes.
Hi Guys, @marckohlbrugge @rrhoover We are developing an application named "introduce". Our approach is a bit different. It is like social media analysis for people (Our team has an experience on social media monitoring for brands). we analyse twitter profile you are looking for, her interests, her topics, her likes, her tweet style. And, we give you insights about her.
@rrhoover: Totally agree. Common interests help you judge somebody, but don't help you meet them. That's where I think a lot of folks miss the boat.
Old post, but this app/prototype is from Uber/StumbleUpon cofounder. I assume it's an project.