Open links inside of iOS apps

@rrhoover y'all should add a URL scheme to Product Hunt, would love to integrate Opener with it :)
Preview of future plans - Introduce support for custom domains for services like Tumblr and Medium - Open source the rule set powering Opener and allow anybody to contribute to it - Add content previews for URLs
Write up from Mac Stories
cool usage of deep links. but i don t think it can gain any significant traction at 0.99$
@ourielohayon I feel you, and the price is an even steeper $1.99. I normally go free for my apps, wanted to try the price for a few reasons: 1. I'll need to add support for other apps that cost money, and in order to test I need to buy those apps. The money from Opener will go into purchasing other apps I'll add support for. 2. It's counterintuitive, but free apps users are more fickle than people who pay for them. Sure I could get a ton of users if the app was free, but I really want users who can make good, long lasting use of it. People who are willing to pay for what it does ;)
@ourielohayon I'd have to agree. I'm seeing $1.99 now. While I generally like the idea of supporting indie devs, given this app requires developer participation, it'll really only take off if there are enough users demanding support for this scheme, and without many apps supporting it, most people probably won't pony up.
@chrismessina 157 downloaded it yesterday, and I'll always have at least one user, myself :) that's good enough for me
@timonus I support your efforts, and am glad to see people support you! Do I have it right though that other apps need to support your protocol in order for their apps to work with Opener?
@chrismessina you're right. The hosting app has to support the iOS share sheet (UIActivityViewController), and the targeted app has to have a URL scheme of some sort. Fortunately, thanks to Twitter Cards a huge number of apps support URL schemes since that's how those deep links work.
Here's my announcement of Opener on @Medium from yesterday
@timonus Hey Tim I love this!! Would really love to see Quest on here...could I bribe you with some Philz coffee....let's chat here's my email...nick (at)
@nicholassheriff Hey! No bribery required. Quest needs to support a URL scheme for me to integrate it, if you can send me the scheme I'll look into integrating it.