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Discover the tech stacks of companies leading the way in transparency and openness. Add your own stack to help others find the right tools.
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Hey all 👋 Open Stacks is a simple way to share your tech stack. I spend a lot of time talking to founders and one of the biggest questions that always comes up is what tools are being used to build/run products. I felt that Open Stacks could be a good way to make this easier and help each other out by sharing stacks so that you can see what other people running similar businesses are using. Would love to hear your feedback. Oh, and Open Stacks has a super simple stack. It was built on Bubble with no code and I'm using Sendgrid for the mailing list.
Love the simplicity − Great job man!
@mpanayio Thanks Michalis 🙏 Appreciate that
Really sleek, simple design - happy to contribute my projects as some of your first stacks!
@andrew_davison Thanks Andrew. Thanks for being the first to add your stack too :)
Such a great idea! I'm always wondering what stacks other no-code founders have used so this will be super helpful to me.
@_justirma Thanks Irma. Hope it proves useful 👍
Great idea, love the site design 😍
@namecame_ Thanks Stephen!