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Cool, I love open datasets! Does anyone know of a 'Startup Stash' for datasets?
I'd love to see a collection of cool stuff built on these data!
@adamb0mb true that!
I can only imagine the geeky smile on some peoples faces... Pretty cool NASA. Pretty cool...
cc'ing space geek, @thetylerhayes!
@rrhoover YES. It's crazy how awesome NASA is at the Internet. How cool is it just to see URLs like "" and ""? What a time to be alive. But this is my favorite part—listen to sounds from space: Side note: I'd really like to see NASA promote this stuff more. They have some of the smartest people working on the coolest stuff but it feels like most of their efforts go largely unnoticed in the tech industry, which is comprised of their exact audience. To wit: a couple years ago I was invited to a "NASA Social"* (where they invite some of their social followers to NASA for fun). But I found out later most people don't even know NASA does these! * proof: