Open Loyalty for Startups

Open source stack for building customer focused products

Open Loyalty is an open-source loyalty management platform, which can be used as a base for a new digital product or to extend existing products with new loyalty features. Publicly available on GitHub, free for building an MVP with less than 200 customers.

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Hi Hunters! It’s Karl from Open Loyalty team here. I hope that Open Loyalty will help you develop customer-centric products much faster or enrich your existing products with new loyalty features. Our source code is publicly available on GitHub: We are constantly working on the product and we try to publish upgrades at least once per month. Open Loyalty was originally developed as an open source loyalty management platform for retailers. In Q4 2017 we started receiving more and more inquiries from startups who are thinking about using Open Loyalty as a base or as an extension for their products. We are currently looking for startups who have/want to build a product around customer loyalty, and early adopters who would like to adopt our codebase in the non-standard applications. We’d love to get some feedback, and I’m happy to answer your questions! Karl
Hi Hunters! One question - can anyone submit us to the Hacker News? I would appreciate that a lot! :)
I noticed on your website that there are pricing plans available for utilizing the platform. How do you balance having open source code with being able to charge for your product? Do you find that people are willing to pay for it because they want your team's help with the implementation, or do you have a paywall that blocks the use of the platform by non-paying companies?
@nneuman Imho: open source for developers, commercial license for business :) developers download code, play with it and when then like it they just ask business people to chceck the license and buy an enterprise version, Magento is doing this in eCommerce quite successfully.
Hi @tomik99 @tomasz_aniol @karol_bzik this looks like it will add lots of value to startups -- please tell us more about the story behind this project 🙂
Hi @abadesi! In short, we developed Open Loyalty after our commercial experiences with custom loyalty programs development (eg. for banks). We were missing open source solution dedicated for loyalty applications. We decided to write it from scratch on a new tech stack and to make it like a Magento for loyalty. We started working on Open Loyalty in December 2016. In April 2017 we finished our MVP and released it on GitHub. Since then we started working on commercial implementations of our product for various companies. We realized that Open Loyalty can be something much more than just a base for a loyalty program. Here you can find some of the non-standard applications for Open Loyalty we are currently discussing with various companies: - Mobile application matched with Beacons; - Coalition loyalty program; - Loyalty extension for existing marketing automation tool; - Blockchain-based coalition program; - Engagement platform for wearables; - Engagement extension for a banking system; - Loyalty extension for flight search engine. Open Loyalty is a project internally developed in eCommerce Software House The core team counts 10 people.
Great job!! 😊
@ayush_chandra thanks and feel free to ask if you need anything!