Open For Business - 1: The Entrepreneurial Mind

Gimlet's new podcast. What makes a successful entrepreneur?

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Hey Product Hunt! Open For Business is the first podcast from Gimlet Creative, our new creative agency inside Gimlet. We made it with our friends at eBay, and it features stories about building a business from the ground up, hosted by the great @johnhenrystyle. The first episode asks the question: Is being an entrepreneur in your DNA, or something you can learn to do? We'd love your feedback on the show!
I remember Gimlet sharing their plans to partner with company in creating a new podcast series. Super smart. Can you share more details on how you connected with eBay, @mlieber?
@rrhoover eBay came to us because they were interested in speaking to small businesses and entrepreneurs, to help create more awareness of eBay as a platform for online selling. Gimlet Creative & the eBay team really worked collaboratively to come up with the series & episode concepts, and tell honest & real stories about building a business.