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Back in 2014, when I made the risky move of publicizing our entire revenue dashboard, I had no idea what I was getting myself in to. I just knew that information was something that, selfishly, I wanted access to as a new business. I wanted to break down the “Yeah bro! Hockey stick growth!” mentality that was so prevalent in startup culture. Of course, I wasn’t the only (or even first) company to make transparency a part of our company culture. Folks like Buffer and Groove had been doing it for quite a while. I wanted to keep that momentum going. As a company, we worked to help other businesses do the same with Open Startups. Now, we’re taking the next big step with Open Benchmarks.
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This is awesome, Josh! I love your commitment to transparency and making data (that was previously not accessible in any way) available like this.
@adii Thank ya sir! 🎉
Very interesting - the churn numbers are much higher than what is normally published, but these baremetrics numbers are much closer to what I hear talking to SMB SaaS founders
very cool, josh! what were some of the biggest surprises from the data?
@smalter How painfully average most startups are. You always read about huge success or huge failure stories...but the fact is, 99% of companies don't operate in either of those spheres. Most startups are struggling with at least some part of their business.
Great initiative Josh! I see so many companies struggling to know where they stand. I'll have a better answer from now on. Thanks for sharing!
@pierrelechelle Thanks so much, Pierre! 🙌