Two vibrating intuitive GPS watches ⌚️ ⌚️

onTracks GuideWatches are intuitive GPS watches. No more stopping to find your way: just let their vibrations guide you! onTracks makes it easier to get guidance on new routes, when you are running, biking or hiking.

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Founder & CEO, Hustle Crew
What a cool concept - no need to look down, let vibrations convey the data points you need to know.... I like it.
Dan Dan
Web Dev.
Seems like this is just an opportunity to have double the issues, double the amount of charging, double amount of accessories and so on. Could we not have one watch that maybe has two different vibration lengths or styles? Wouldn't that be much cheaper and easier to use? Makers should focus on making better watches with longer battery life and more intuitive applications, more hardware features.
Really a good product and it's a real pleasure for hiking