Online Signature Maker

Create a free downloadable electronic signature

This is a free online signature maker to create electronic signatures that can be downloaded and embedded in sales documents or in your marketing. Type or draw your signature, choose colors, transparent backgrounds, and check out famous people signatures for inspiration.
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We created this tool to make it easy to create nice looking signature images that can be embedded in sales documents or marketing materials. The inspiration section is more for creative marketing uses where the accuracy of your signature isn't so important (unlike the sales/legal side). Happy to answer any questions. Thanks!
This is cool! I'm sick of my signatures being generated in comic sans :)
@rachael_pilcher Glad to hear it'll be helpful!
This is great tool, to keep my documents signed.Thank you guys
@emin_aliev That's the goal; so great to hear that :)
awesome tool! Just created my signature
@roxana_duta Thanks! That's great to hear :)