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I'm a developer and I'm asking why I want to write code on a small screen and virtual keyboard? Is this for learning purpose?
@hnvcam The app is meant to quickly edit the code in your smartphone while on the go, during transit or travel. However, there are plenty of users who use this app for educational purposes and to quickly test their code. Moreover, with smartphones becoming increasingly used for productivity, the paradigm that coding is to be done on desktops/laptops could change in the near future. In developing countries, a large amount of population don't have access to desktop/laptop devices. However, with android smartphones becoming increasingly cheaper and accessible, a majority of the population in these countries will now have a chance to learn and practice programming through smartphones!
@hnvcam Doesn't have to be with a virtual keyboard. Android phone + Bluetooth/USB keyboard works perfectly
@movaid7 Do you always carry a bluetooth keyboard with you?
@mryogesh Honestly, I like the idea. Me sometimes also have a thought about coding on mobile because it's with me everywhere. However, there are too many limitations with it like performance (you guys solved this), small screen, typing, secondary screen, etc... I see your point, but I think you guys need a boost on solving above issues, like handwriting recognition as we have tablet with pen everywhere, voice recognition, etc... Anyway good job, guys!
@hnvcam Thank you for your support and encouraging words. You are correct, screen real estate is an issue to be tackled in this scenario. Not denying that the small screen issue exists, however, we are working on auto complete intellisense, voice to code and a quick access keypad layout. I am sure this will definitely address the issues to some extend.
An app that helps you code in more than 20 programming languages on the go!
Great for Digital Nomads 😀✌️
This app is really cool and useful when it comes to learning programs
App look great, I will replace it with another crappy app I'm using.