Mobile travel assistant for booking vacation rentals

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Honestly, with my crazy life right now, I'm not sure how I could have booked my wife's birthday surprise without OneRooftop. My favorite part is no longer having to do the "call every AirBnB property and hope they actually are available" that we are all so used to. OneRooftop takes care of it all. Check them'll be very impressed.
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@rjhungate We're glad we could help you Ryan. Try us again when you need a vacation :)
For me, the magic here is being able to book without having to go back and forth with every single host like on airbnb or VRBO. When I've booked on those platforms in the past, I've had to have multiple inquiries in at a time in order to make sure I actually got one due to slow response times from hosts. I then have to awkwardly turn down the ones I don't want. I'm excited to see this process get streamlined. @hartawilliams I'm curious, what does the turnaround time look like?
@alexyaseen Great question. We are big on professional service, so it can vary. We have spend hours working with someone to plan a wedding, and have turned around easy options in a few minutes. It all depends on how much help you need and how unique your request. The one consistent thing is that you can hand off that process to us, and we will return options for you.
I wonder if AirBnB would ever do their own bot! AirBnBot (sorry, it is Friday!) I've said before about Travel bots... I'm worried that the only way some are successful/unsuccessful is from someones experience. Messing up somebody's holiday would be an awful thing! I don't think there would be much room for reconciliation either. So travel bots have got to be so spot on! How does this differ/offer more than other bots out there currently?
@bentossell Hi Ben, thank you for your comments. Although there are bot elements, we think that we really add value by not just searching inventory on specific travel sites or in our software solution, but rather pulling inventory from locally trusted experts. In addition we have reps standing by (almost) around the clock to support. Think of our service more of a modernized travel agency that connects guests with professionals in the vacation rental industry. We also can add insurance products that protect the traveler if something was not right, and they needed a plan B.
@hartawilliams Oh of course! Wasn't saying anything about your service :p I just mean the bot/travel industry as a whole is a careful one to navigate. How do you differentiate yourselves from others in this space?
@bentossell Great question. I couldn't agree with you more that both the bot and travel world are extremely complex and tough. We have been working in the vacation rental space for about 4-5 years, so we know that first hand. I think primarily focussing on vacation rentals vs. all travel is a big differentiator. Search in VR is really tough right now, and I get a general sense of frustration from people, when it takes multiple days to find what they are looking for. On the bot side, I think the path to success is slow and arduous. We don't automate anything until we know for certain that it doesn't detract from the individual customer experience. Right now, this is a much more manual process than what it will be in 4-5 years, but we are focused on making sure we nail the process before automating. In terms of further differentiation we have talked about having specific focus like "vacation rentals for business travel," since search is still a stall point for many professional booking agencies or business travelers. We will see, after all, still just day 1 on PH! :)
@bentossell We use the bot to streamline the flow, but we want to connect people to great professional help too. :)
@hartawilliams Look forward to seeing how it develops!
This new service looks fantastic! The use case that makes the most sense to me would be trying to book a ski house or a weekend getaway - I know broadly what I want (a house that can sleep 8 near a mountain in Vermont), but I don't care about the specific location. Searching for this on AirBnB is a huge pain because it takes so much time to try to narrow down the choices, and then play the song and dance of reaching out to hosts at different locations and waiting to hear back. It also looks like OneRooftop works directly with owners or landlords, so I imagine they have a pretty good sense of supply as well and are not just checking on AIrBnB for me. Will try this out soon!
@jchen623 Thanks Jason! We would love to help you find your next vacation rental!
The process of finding a vacation rental definitely needs to be fixed. Too many choices, too much work. Would love a streamlined experience with a lot more curation. Someone will nail this eventually, looks like OneRooftop is on the right path.
@rywalker Thanks for the comment, Ry. We feel your pain, and we hope this helps the experience for many. What is shocking to us is that there is still a ton of inventory that is not listed online. OneRooftop has access to that inventory by working with the local experts.