One page theme builder for WordPress

#2 Product of the DayAugust 04, 2015

Onepager is a WordPress page builder for building landing pages and sales pages. You can build great looking product landing page, training page, book selling page, webinar registration page and much more.

The first page builder built using React Framewrok by Facebook.

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Well that looks super easy to do. Gives the same clean looking 1 page web design that 95% of the templates offer these days.
@kristofertm Thanks! Only difference is there is no standard for creating themes. We tried to bring everything in one place so developer can leverage our API and user will get same experience when change the theme.
Awesome. Thanks for making it open source.
Awesome Product @Parvez Vai
@techjewel Thanks man :)
Going to try this out later on our Wordpress blog - but it looks easy from what I could quickly see, nice work!
@rutgerteunissen Thanks man. Looking forward for your reply. Though its beta and we already added tons of feature in it.
Pardon my amateurism, but how is it better then Qards? Besides it's open source obviously.
@vladzima Didn't used Qards so can't comment on that. Benefits are : 1. Cross platform, we released WordPress first then Joomla. 2. Blocks will work on all platform. Code once run everywhere. 3. Open source and fully community driven 4. FREE and you can make themes and sell on marketplace. 5. Fast as hell. Built with ReactJS, Qards in AngularJS and you can just compare the performance on google Need more? Give it a try :)
@parvezvai Oh I see. Nice man! :)