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Clever. Maybe we should build a system for creating better taglines on Product Hunt. Honestly, some makers are too close to their product and have a hard time communicating it to someone that knows nothing about the product.
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@rrhoover that's one of the reasons we built this, to built a better tagline for elevio ;) we're too close to it to make a tagline that speaks to the public. We come up with tonnes to ideas, but it needs to read to the mob. What better way than to have the mob suggest it in the first place!
@rrhoover And some hunters are clueless as to how to create a clickable tagline. By the way, I just mean me. :D
I love this idea. I always struggle narrowing down a company to a single sentence. Hopefully they get some traction with more people suggesting new taglines.
@zemaj can't believe I didn't notice we got hunted! Thanks bud :) Our aim with this project is to help people with that tiny little problem of summing up their project in a sentence. Super stoked some Product Hunters are getting some use from it :D
This is like 99designs for taglines, nice! :)
@bramk I found it ironic upvoting your perfect tagline for this company.
Also, a terrific place to practice taglining :)
I did 5 already, going HAMMMM
@bramk killing it!!