Onefunc Plan: AI scheduling app

Simple design and AI support your schedule management 📅

OnefuncPlan is a schedule management application with AI and simple design.

The feature of OnefuncPlan is automatic schedule adjustment function by AI.

This pretty neat. It needs some polish with the English though. I’d love to help translate if you need assistance
@itsthisjustin Thanks for the message! Certainly I can read English, but I am not good at writing. I plan to translate it using, so I think it will be better from now on!
@masarukondo yeah some of the stuff just needs some local know how. I’d change “Special” to “Event” for instance. I’d also suggest combining some of the menu options. The UX is really tough in places.
@itsthisjustin I agree. I think that UX depends on culture. And local people understand the most context. It was helpful! ("Special" to "Event")