An app and community to better manage diabetes

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Wow! We really appreciate the kind words here. We are relentlessly trying to make it easier, less expensive, and more convenient for people to live their lives with diabetes.
Really awesome health app. I love this quote from the founder, Jeff Dachis: "I started One Drop because when I found out I had diabetes, I was shocked at how behind the times diabetes care was. All the energy seemed to be focused on managing problems versus preventing them in the first place. I wanted to do something about it and work with an amazing team to bring the quantified self movement, internet of things, big data, and mobile computing to people with diabetes in a simple, fully integrated solution." I highly recommend this blog post:
@jmj Gave me the chills. So true. I absolutely love this app and the approach.
Saw their amazing pitch at LAUNCH in March - great product and cause!
Wonderful idea!
First .today domain name I've ever seen 👊