One Random Book

Why not let us choose your next read?

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Pretty cool idea to take offline curation online - Get one random crime book for about $5, why NOT?
This sounds like a pretty cool idea. I know a lot of people that would be interested
With your lists of 'must reads' getting longer and longer, it might be hard, and even feel risky, to give up control and get a random book. It might also feel really good. Believe in the risk! Hat tip to @axelk for this find 👍
@jacqvon Thank you so much for posting it. Great idea!
Wouldn't randomly picking up a book at the bookstore accomplish the same thing? Are all users getting the same random book? Also by nature of the price, isn't it automatically selecting out books that are still selling well?
Seems like a great idea! Just forwarded to a few friends who would definitely be in to this