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#1 Product of the DayFebruary 23, 2020
One Profile is a modern personal page builder. Showcase your life on one absolute page. From creating customized action buttons, hosting your social links, interacting with visitors — welcome to your central profile page on the internet.
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Hey @qabil I like a lot One Profile, In fact I am going to add mine. Just one recommendation on the dark mode. The white shadow is too bright and it makes no sense on a dark layout, an idea would be to add a subtle border, a shadow darker than the background, nothing or simply give the shadowed divs a brighter shade of gray without shadow. Is just my opinion Yusuf. Good luck with it !
@michael_andreuzza Thanks Michael for the upvote and feedback! Your opinion matters a lot, and thank you for the elaborate feedback, I'll see what I can do! Thanks again!
Hey @qabil, you are very welcome ! have a great day. Edit: Just finished to create my profile. I could see this also as a company contacts page.
@michael_andreuzza 😁Have a great day, too! Yes, definitely! I'm actually creating something similar that specifically caters for brands, businesses, personal projects, and groups — still in the works but really looking forward to launching it soon :)
Hey Product Hunters 👋 I'm Yusuf, maker of One Profile. Firstly, thank you so much to @chrismessina for hunting One Profile, you're the best! Before I created One Profile, I was looking to create a simple, beautiful, and affordable personal profile page of my own on the internet. My top criteria were: - Well-designed; beautiful, minimalistic, and clean. - Easy and straightforward to setup. - Has useful features like a contact form. - Nice and short URL (custom domain is an added bonus) - Basic analytics or some integration with third-party analytics - Affordable. To be honest, I won't fork out more than $5 per month for a simple about page. Current solutions in the market don't help much: (it's simple but not beautiful and is expensive), (Amazing but is too expensive for a personal page and requires some time and expertise to design), (Too complex and expensive), (too expensive for a personal page; $144 per year), (Close to perfect! But I got overwhelmed by so many templates 😝), and (Close to perfect, too! But it has no custom domain feature and URL is too long and ugly, and I don't want to use In the end, I decided to build my own page with all the features I wanted and more (Ah, the joy of coding). Anyway, I shared with a couple of friends and they really loved it! So, I thought I could share it with the world. That was how One Profile started out. Finally, I hope you'll at least give One Profile a try, it's free to start and use. There's also a Pro version if you would like to unlock more features like linking to your custom domain. Also, special thanks to the vibrant community on Indie Hackers by @csallen, @channingallen, and the best community manager, @rosiesherry, the Product Hunt Makers Community and to One Profile's customers and users for always giving me feedback and support all this while. I wouldn't be here without you guys ❤️ Thank you very much for your support, and happy building! ✌️
@qabil Congrats on the launch! Definitely one of the best profile builders - and with that price tag, it's just awesome. I like the simplicity and the ease-of-use. Some feedback: you should eliminate the navigation scroll and instead list all the sections on the side maybe in full-screen (at least on desktop devices) for those of us that are viewing it on larger screens. It wouldn't make sense to scroll such a tiny navigation, when I might as well just scroll through the page :) Best of luck going forward!
@owenfar1 Thanks for the kind words, Owen! And I'm really happy to know that you like it! Oh hey, that's a pretty good idea, I never thought of it before! I've been using my 13' laptop all this while so it never really occurred to me about this, haha. I'll push an update to reflect this soonest :) Thanks again for the support and amazing feedback!
@qabil very well done. I really like the clean look. The generous free tier and affordable premium price are great too.
@danbars Thanks, Dan! Seriously, your feedback on Indie Hackers was very thorough and on-point. Many of my last few updates were based on your input. I really really appreciate it, thank you.
Greta Initiative! I like mostly like the way the profiles look but there are a couple of issues. • All the illustrations look very pixelated/low-res on my iPad. • The light “shadows” in dark mode don’t make the boxes look like they’re glowing. They simply give viewers the impression that you just inverted the colors to create a dark mode.
@anna_0x Thanks for the feedback, Anna! Noted on your feedback. - Are you referring to the illustrations on the website or on the profile page? Will it be okay with you to share a screenshot of the pixelated images? Here's my email I'll give you a present as a thank you 😃 - Got it, I'll see what I can do to improve this. Give me a few days and I'll do a makeover of the dark mode. Thanks again for the feedback, Anna :)
I’ve been thinking of getting a personal page since last few weeks and had been doing a lot of research and trust me everything you’ve said about WordPress and Webflow is correct. I’m really looking forward to try your product.
@arpitsihra Thanks for sharing, Arpit! Haha, I knew I wasn't alone in this. I hope One Profile works out well for you :)