One Night Standard

Same night reservations at all Standard Hotels

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I'm fascinated by this launch. I love to see a company like Standard Hotels so forward looking and embracing tech. Of course, it also competes with Hotel Tonight. It could be argued that it's best for the consumer to have all possible reservations accessible in one application, not fragmented across one app for every hotel chain. Excited to see how this plays out.
@taykcrane pretty interesting indeed - of course having customers in their own app makes them easier approachable
Hey @bramk @taykcrane - check out what we just launched as a result of seeing how well One Night Standard did:
@missnolte yep, saw it! Looks good, price points way higher than $129 though :/
I was just about to post this! I'm staying at the Standard in Miami and found out about the app in the lobby this morning. I love how these guys always stay on the cutting edge, while insisting on value. They don't just do it to seem relevant, they do it to stay relevant. PS I'm already booked here through Wednesday, so might not check the app in case the rates are insanely better than mine. This place be 'spensive $$$$$$$$
@lovethecool curious, but did you cancel your booking when in the lobby and rebook on the app?
@daveambrose most hotels have a 24 hour cancellation policy, so I don't imagine this strategy would work.
Hey @lovethecool! I think you'll be happy to hear that we opened this concept up to our other favorite hotels. Check it out: