Instead of cluttered lists, focus on the one thing

Easy way to keep track of deadlines!
Instead of a cluttered list, this shows you only one task. Insanely useful for high priority deadlines. I usually keep the app open while focusing on work as it shows me a ticking timer. It also keeps track of tasks done.
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1 Review5.0/5
I hate cluttered lists. I built this to help myself and thought others in this community might like it too. I'm a beginner, but I'll be improving a lot!
Great job!! 😊 Will check it out! Do add more features in it without clustering the UI as it is very simple and easy to use.
@ayushchandra Thank you so much! I will definitely try to do that
Android please :D
@thewebyogi Haha, soon!
Great start, keep going.
@marcthebenevolent Thanks! Appreciate it
PC app please @anshchopra. The interface looks so cute but I use my laptop for most of the time :(
@thyanh_nguyen Haha, thank you! We're working on something and I'll update you on when it's done :)